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In the past, masonry systems have been the solution of choice for projects requiring added resistance to damage. Now, however, a new generation of high-performance engineered gypsum panels and coating systems has transformed the entire field of abuse resistance.

USG’s abuse resistance portfolio includes enhanced panels that have up to 5 times the impact resistance of regular wallboard. This is achieved through both higher density and the presence of fiber mesh embedded in the backside of the wallboard. USG offers  2 types of panels that provide moderate abuse resistance and 2 types of panels that provide high levels of abuse resistance.

Moderate level

·         SHEETROCK Brand Mold Tough AR FIRECODE Core Panels

·         Fiberock Aqua-Tough Interior Panels Abuse resistant

High Level (with fiber mesh)

·         SHEETROCK Brand Mold Tough VHI FIRECODE Core Panels

·         Fiberock Interior Panels Abuse resistant, VHI (Very High Impact)

Advantages include:

·         Easy and fast installation, leading to faster building occupancy

·         Wall cavities are available for electrical and plumbing systems

·         Walls can handle dynamic building movement

·         Outstanding Life Cycle cost performance

Due to higher demand of these products and systems new testing standards were developed and old ones were revised and updated to reflect the industry’s requirements. The main ASTM standard for abuse classification is ASTM C1629 which specifies the levels of performance.  Annex A1 describes test methods for testing products for Hard Body Impact Resistance. 

ASTM C1629 makes reference to 3 other test methods for abuse resistance: ASTM E695 for Soft Body Impact, ASTM D4977 for Abrasion resistance, ASTM D 5420 for Indentation Resistance.