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Special Ceiling Applications

CGC Ceilings understands that special spaces require special performance. From Clean Room solutions that meet strict hygiene and cleaning requirements, to Exterior Ceilings that provide both function and aesthetic in a wide range of wind, temperature and moisture conditions, we can help you achieve performance that matters.

Learn more about our solutions for your design needs

Learn more about our solutions for your design needs

Healthcare Environments

Healthcare design comes with many challenges and considerations. From designing private spaces for caregivers and patients to discuss medical information, to ensuring cleanliness standards are met to reduce the risk of infections, from designing clearances for medical equipment, to creating cleanrooms for laboratories — the design imperatives for healthcare environments including cleanliness, privacy and comfort are many.

As you design and specify products to meet the demands of healthcare environments, CGC’s portfolio of ceiling solutions provide balanced acoustics, sustainable and durable options for every space — to help put patient healing at the center of your design. 

Cleanroom Ceilings

Everything you need to know about cleanrooms for medical environments, data centers, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, military, telecommunications and the food Industry. 

Exterior Ceilings

For decades, CGC Exterior Ceiling Systems have been utilized in a wide variety of exterior applications. From satisfying stringent performance requirements and design criteria to providing beauty and durability, CGC exterior ceiling systems ensure you have a complete system that’s built to last, while also delivering a lasting impression.