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EcoBlueprint™, the CGC sustainability initiative, provides customers with industry-leading green building solutions and aligns CGC’s corporate strategies with environmental responsibility. Sustainability is the practice of efficiently using energy and natural resources to meet current needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

From raw material extraction to product design and development, product manufacturing processes, shipping and distribution, service life, and ultimately product end of life/reuse or recycling, EcoBlueprint focuses on reducing the size of USG’s environmental footprint throughout our product lifecycle. EcoBlueprint positions USG for profitable growth both in the near and long-term. Sustainability is an important business priority improving USG’s strength and efficiency, and meeting customer’s needs.

where we make an impact

We believe an end-to-end focus that includes the entire product development cycle is essential to reach our goals. Therefore, we have identified three corporate priorities where we believe we can make the most impact on sustainability

In each of our corporate sustainability reports, we use these categories as the guiding light by which we hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability.

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