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Develop Responsible Solutions


CGC provides customers with the products and services to create sustainable spaces that require fewer resources to build operate and maintain.

Our near term goals:

  • Develop products and services that contribute to sustainable spaces
  • Continue our leadership role in responsible building practices
  • Evaluate product lifecycle environmental impacts

CGC has an extensive plan to definitively measure the environmental impact of our products using widely recognized life cycle assessment tools. Our researchers are trained to use these tools to evaluate advanced product formulations and determine environmental benefits and potential trade-offs both inside and out of our four manufacturing walls.

Our mindset is focused on continuous improvement even though CGC products already score extremely high on a wide variety of sustainable design criteria. In general, our products contain a high level of recycled content, use minimal packaging and perform throughout the lifespan of the building with minimal routine maintenance. Read more about the sustainable attributes of our products visit CGC’s Product Attribute Reports (PARs).

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