CGC Durock™ Brand Primer-Sealer

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High quality floor underlayment primer and sealer in one. Ideal for priming surfaces and subfloors prior to application of poured underlayment. May also be used as a sealer for Durock™ Brand Self-Leveling Underlayment.

Main Features

Durock™ Brand Primer-Sealer is a high-solids sealant for priming highly porous concrete, precast concrete, wood subfloors and OSB (oriented strand board) prior to the installation of Durock™ Brand Self-Leveling Underlayments. Durock™ Brand Primer-Sealer:
  • Enhances the bond between the substrate and the underlayment
  • Is effective in the treatment of underlayments prior to application of water-based floor-covering adhesives
  • Has no adverse effect on floor-covering adhesives
  • Is mildew-resistant; does not stain finished
  • May also be used as a sealer for Durock™ Brand Self-Leveling Underlayments to enhance the bond between the underlayment and the floor-covering adhesive.


  • Guest Rooms and Suites
  • Multi-Family Residential and Condos
  • Open Plan Offices
  • Patient Rooms
  • Single-Family Residential

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