Levelrock® Brand 2500 Series Floor Underlayments


Offers the highest compressive strengths in its class (2000 – 3200 psi), providing low-thickness applications over plywood subflooring in single-family, multi-family and hotel/motel construction.

Main Features

Levelrock® Brand 2500, Levelrock® Brand 2500 Green and Levelrock® Brand 2500 Pre-Sanded Floor Underlayments help maximize sound isolation between floors/units and may be used with aLevelrock® Brand 2500 sound mat or sound board for improved STC and IIC ratings. Engineered and manufactured by USG, these underlayments can be:
  • Poured before drywall is installed to help control mold and moisture
  • Installed at rates of up to 30,000 sq. ft. per day
  • Applied at just ¾ in. thickness


  • Corridors and Hallways
  • Dormitories
  • Guest Rooms and Suites
  • Multi-Family Residential and Condos
  • Single-Family Residential

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