Strait-Flex® Perma-Patch

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    Strait-Flex® Perma-Patch is an economical multi-purpose drywall repair patch for permanent drywall repairs. The surface is imprinted with standard receptacle patterns making it a great patch product for typical repairs around the home. Examples include home renovations like holes caused by relocating receptacles, can lights or damage caused by door knobs etc. The patented composite material is applied with compound and forms a strong bond to the damaged surface.

    Main Features

    • Imprinted with can light and standard receptacle patterns for easy trimming
    • Easily installs using standard compounds with no special tools or fasteners required
    • Second coat of compound can be applied immediately; very light skim-coat to finish
    • Very fast, extremely strong
    • Won't fuzz up during sanding
    • Will not sag with ceiling applications
    • Waterproof, rustproof

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