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Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI™ 9/16" Acoustical Suspension System

Key Documents & Design Files



With a refined 9/16” dual reveal profile, this system is especially designed to accommodate modular flexibility and narrow lighting. With the Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI™ 9/16" Acoustical Suspension System installing various sizes, patterns and linear channels can be done quickly and easily. It's refined 9/16" dual reveal profile eliminates concerns with notches and mitered intersections, creating perfect compatibility with Logix™ Integrated Ceilings systems.

Main Features

The Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI™ 9/16" Acoustical Suspension System is an innovative suspension system from USG, designed to accentuate design flexibility and product compatibility. A proprietary cap lance allows for extensive color and finish options delivering design freedom.
  • Narrow-profile grid system, with double 1/8" reveal
  • Seamless reveal at intersections
  • Meets or exceeds all national code requirements including seismic
  • Compatible with Logix™ Integrated Ceiling Systems
  • Custom colors available
  • ICC-ES evaluated approach to seismic installation (ICC-ESR-1222)
  • G30 hot-dipped galvanized steel body and cap inhibits red rust
  • All DXI™ items have High Recycled Content (HRC)
  • Metric sizes available
  • Proprietary cap lance allows a variety of color and coating options to meet unique project requirements
  • Available with High Recycled Content (HRC)


Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI™

Donn® Brand Identitee® DXI™

Edge Compatibility



Fineline Bevel

Fineline Bevel

colors & finishes: Azure 2660

Azure 2660
Beige 142
Blue Grey 564
Breeze 2659
Charcoal 534
Flat Black 205
Flat White 050
Halo 206
Manila 246
Mist 053
Nectar 546
Parchment 103
Quartz 082
Redwood 566
Safari 2662
Sandstone 090
Sienna 565
Silver Satin 002
Silvertone 052
Slate 568
Sorbet 2658
Spruce 567
Squash 2661
Straw 143
Taupe 107
Tuscany 2663

Tees & Molding

Tees & Molding

What do I need to build this Suspension System?

Tees & Molding
  • KEY:
  • 1) Main Tee
  • 2) Cross Tee
  • 3) Wall Molding

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Main Tees

  • Firecode®
Item Number ASTM Class Length Height Fire Class Seismic IBC Rated Load 4' Hanger Spacing
DXI26HRC Heavy Duty 12.00 foot 1.81 inch Class A A-F 5.2 lb./LF
DXI24HRC Intermediate Duty 12.00 foot 1.81 inch Class A A-C 12 lb./LF

Cross Tees

  • Firecode®
Item Number Length Height Fire Class
DXI424HRC 4.00 foot 1.81 inch Class A
DXI224HRC 2.00 foot 1.81 inch Class A
DXI4224HRC 42.00 inch 1.81 inch Class A
DXI3024HRC 30.00 inch 1.81 inch Class A
DXI824HRC 8.00 foot 1.81 inch Class A
DXI2124HRC 21.00 inch 1.81 inch Class A
DXI624HRC 6.00 foot 1.81 inch Class A
DXI2724HRC 27.00 inch 1.81 inch Class A
DXI5724HRC 57.00 inch 1.81 inch Class A
DXI5424HRC 54.00 inch 1.81 inch Class A
DXI524HRC 5.00 foot 1.81 inch Class A

Documents & Files

Data Sheets & Specifications

Data/Submittal Sheet (English) PDF 1.2 MB

Catalogs & Brochures

System Catalog (English) PDF 41.8 MB
Brochure (English)

SDS, Certifications & Reports

VOC Emissions Certificate (English) PDF 450.3 KB
SDS (English) PDF 279.0 KB


Warranties (English) PDF 146.0 KB

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