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USG Blog: 2021 Year in Review

The launch of the USG Blog earlier this year offered a new platform for USG to share insight and thought leadership from our unique perspective as a manufacturer with over a century of experience in the construction industry. While the blog featured many valuable resources on our products and solutions, there are a few impactful articles from the past few months that we’d like to highlight as this year draws to a close.

Here are 5 of the most popular articles from the USG Blog:

Acoustics Matters: Designing in Harmony with Acoustics

Acoustic performance is just as integral to the built environment as any other design consideration; however, it is often overlooked or, even worse, value-engineered out of a design without realizing how drastically it can affect occupant comfort. This article examines how important it is to design with acoustics at top of mind, resulting in spaces that are both aesthetically beautiful and high-performing—read more here.

Steel Prices on the Rise: How Did We Get Here?

The pricing of steel has been on the rise since the fallout of the pandemic has forced many industries to make amends without knowing when this volatility will end. This is a question that is complicated by many factors, so this article attempts to explore those reasons and give greater context to how USG adapts to a changing market for a resource used in the production of our materials—learn more here.

A Century of Unrivaled Performance

2020 marked the 100th anniversary of USG introducing joint compound to the industry, which also sparked a retrospective of the company’s contributions to the field of joint treatments over the years. This article takes a look back at many of the innovations that USG has introduced, from the first dust control formulation to the first factory-mixed compound, as well as a story about how the work being done at our Corporate Innovation Center has enabled USG to deliver impactful solutions to the jobsite—read more here.

USG Surfaces and Finishes: How-To Repair Guides

And with over a hundred years of joint compound experience, USG has developed some best practices regarding their application as well as the methods required to complete a repair. whether you’re on the jobsite or just need to touch up some light wear-and-tear, this article serves as a guide to repairing corner bead, drywall holes, textured finish, and more—brush up on the basics here.

Type X vs. Type C: Not All Gypsum Boards Are Created Equal

The differentiation between Type X and Type C wallboard, despite having specific application and performance factors, is something that still manages to elude construction pros on jobsites across the nation. To combat this, USG developed this article to set the record straight once and for all regarding this common jobsite mistake—learn the difference for yourself here.

The USG Blog

USG understands our position as a trusted figure in the industry and we take pride in sharing the knowledge we’ve accumulated with our dedicated customers and clients. Thank you to anyone who has ever taken the time to read a previous article or shared the blog with a friend or colleague and we look forward to providing you with even more engaging content in the new year and beyond!