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Conflict Minerals Statement

Congress, due to concerns about armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries funding their activities by exploiting trade in tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold (“conflict minerals”), passed legislation that obligates publicly traded companies, like USG Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries (collectively, “USG”), to investigate their use of conflict minerals and, in certain circumstances, make disclosures regarding their use of conflict minerals in products they manufacture or contract to be manufactured.

USG is committed to complying with the legislation and has implemented a due-diligence process to meet its obligations.  In order to comply with the legislation and manage customer requests regarding conflict minerals, USG Corporation:

  • Strives to source its materials from suppliers that share USG’s values regarding human rights and environmental responsibility.
  • Supports the aims and objectives of the U.S. legislation on the supply of conflict minerals.
  • Educates its suppliers with respect to the requirements on conflict minerals.
  • Has amended its purchase orders to communicate USG’s expectations regarding conflict minerals.
  • Has developed a repeatable process to assess its products and identify those for which conflict minerals are included, may be necessary to their functionality or production and are otherwise within the scope of the legislation.
  • Based upon the information gathered utilizing the processes developed, will prepare any required disclosure.

USG expects its suppliers to conduct similar due diligence on the sources and chains of custody of conflict minerals and make their due diligence findings available to USG. USG’s goal is that only “conflict free” materials are used in products we manufacture or contract to manufacture.

USG has implemented the processes and procedures described above and concluded that, in 2013, USG did not manufacture or contract to manufacture any product within the scope of the legislation that contains conflict minerals that are necessary to the product’s functionality or production.