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CGC Inc. Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Sheetrock® Brand Wallboard

Commemorates history of wallboard innovation that revolutionized the building industry and set industry standards.

MISSISSAUGA — July 6, 2017 — CGC Inc., a leading drywall manufacturer in Canada, is proud to announce the 100th anniversary of the Sheetrock® Brand.  Since its development, Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panels have helped revolutionize how buildings are created by setting new industry standards for safety and efficiency.

Gypsum panels were originally created by USG Corporation, the parent company of CGC Inc., one hundred years ago by putting gypsum plaster between two sheets of paper. This invention provided builders a faster install process, as the long drying time associated with plaster was eliminated. It also dramatically improved building safety since the gypsum panel’s water molecules release as steam instead of catching fire when heated. This natural feature makes gypsum wallboard an inherently fire-resistant and heat-insulating product.

Sheetrock® Brand has made a tremendous impact on the construction industry and is so popular that its portfolio of products is among the most well-known building supplies around the world. Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panels have enabled the construction environment as we know it today, allowing buildings to be safer and taller. Gypsum panels are found in buildings of all types across North America, including homes, hospitals, schools, malls and offices. Today’s products reflect the newest innovations, such as improved fire resistance, lightweight technology, lower water usage and a reduced carbon footprint.

CGC Inc. has manufactured and distributed Sheetrock® Brand drywall in Canada since the early 1930s. Today, most major building material retailers carry this brand which has earned a reputation among architects, builders and DIY enthusiasts for exceptional quality and reliable performance.

“Our long history of innovation and providing quality building materials for Canadians is supported by a strong commitment to grow our business as the most recognized drywall brand in Canada,” said Don Brandt, Vice-President Sales and General Manager, CGC.

To observe the 100th anniversary of Sheetrock® Brand Gypsum Panels, CGC is hosting celebrations across Canada with its employees, dealers, and customers.

About CGC Inc.

CGC Inc. is a leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of gypsum panels and related gypsum products, joint compound, ceiling tile and grid in Canada. Its major product lines include CGC SHEETROCK® Gypsum Panels, CGC Securock® Glass Mat Sheathing and Roof Boards, CGC Fiberock ® fiber-reinforced gypsum panels, CGC Durock® cement board and USG Donn® ceiling suspension systems. CGC Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of USG Corporation, the leading drywall manufacturer in North America and a world leader in suspended acoustical ceilings. For additional information, visit