Pixels® Metal Ceiling Panels

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colors & finishes: Flat White 050


Custom perforated images, from photographs to brand logos to geometric shapes, brings a unique and artistic look to any ceiling.

Pixels™ Metal Ceiling Panels are made from a unique process that allows ceilings to be turned into an artistic canvas. Not only do these panels offer the possibility for one-of-a-kind artistic design, but they also deliver excellent acoustic performance.

Main Features

Pixels™ Metal Ceiling Panels imaging is ideal for all types of spaces, from hospitality and office environments to educational and federal facilities. It’s also perfect for retail spaces, where branding can be presented in a unique and elegant way.
  • Transform photographs, art and logos into perforated panels
  • Produce imagery on ceilings
  • No limit to image or ceiling size
  • Suitable for Celebration™ Metal Panels, Panz® Metal Panels and Curvatura™ 3-Dimensional Suspension System
  • Images can be positive, or negative for back lighting
  • Choose from three resolutions based on aesthetic or budget considerations
  • Provides up to .70 NRC dependent on open area of perforated image
  • High recycled content (HRC) available

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